Update Ten

After being woken by the storm to find one of the trees in my garden halfway through the fence on its way to the ground I nipped in the shed and pulled out the rear wheel off the donor bike to see how I could make a rear sprocket holder for the 30mm axle.


First job get rid of the rubbish with a 7″ cutting wheel on my trusty grinder.


There’s a possibility that after the bearings are out and all that drum brake equipment I may be able to bore the housing to suit the axle and then make something to lock it to the axle shaft with.





After machining I noticed the sprocket was actually soft mounted on bushes on the hub. I might have to make a new one out of mild steel to be certain it will never fail. At least I know what I’m up against. It may be easier just to make a new hub as I have this lying around that could be ideal.



Ps: The rear srocket matches the engine and the bike originally had 18″ wheels. The difference in the rolling circumference is negligible and the smaller 17″ Honda wheels will mean quicker acceleration and a loss of top speed. Circumference equals pi r squared lol!!