Update Thirteen

Spindle bracket have been folded up to include roughly 5 degrees of camber. Note: The folding process has caused the steel to deform at the edges so those bits will be ground out and welded up while the bracket is held in a jig to ensure it doesn’t open up. The stub axles will be welded to these brackets.



Update Eleven

Bought a bit of 30mm BDS bar for the rear axle shaft. The plan is to turn the ends to 25mm dia to suit the rear hub taper roller bearings (both sides will be lockable at will) and then flame harden them. The main shaft will run in 30mm bearings mounted on the frame ala hardtail style. The sprocket will be mounted on a flange and I’ve been told by my biker buddy that the rubber bushes on the original sprocket mount are there to take the shock load and to stop the sprocket ending up with hooked teeth. I have some nylatron that I will use to make some new somewhat harder bushes that will be inserted into the flange and then the sprocket will be bolted to bolts that run through the flange and by using loctite and locknuts allow the sprocket to be secured in place whilst having a little radial float so that the bushes and not the sprocket take the shock.



Progress maybe slow this week but we’ll keep pushing on part by part, gotta go here comes the postman 😉


Update Ten

After being woken by the storm to find one of the trees in my garden halfway through the fence on its way to the ground I nipped in the shed and pulled out the rear wheel off the donor bike to see how I could make a rear sprocket holder for the 30mm axle.


First job get rid of the rubbish with a 7″ cutting wheel on my trusty grinder.


There’s a possibility that after the bearings are out and all that drum brake equipment I may be able to bore the housing to suit the axle and then make something to lock it to the axle shaft with.





After machining I noticed the sprocket was actually soft mounted on bushes on the hub. I might have to make a new one out of mild steel to be certain it will never fail. At least I know what I’m up against. It may be easier just to make a new hub as I have this lying around that could be ideal.



Ps: The rear srocket matches the engine and the bike originally had 18″ wheels. The difference in the rolling circumference is negligible and the smaller 17″ Honda wheels will mean quicker acceleration and a loss of top speed. Circumference equals pi r squared lol!!

Update 8

Got the parts together now and decided first bit of action today was to bend the pipe to get the Jalopy style smile in the tube. I started off marking out a datum line and 1″ spacing a for reference.


Then I borrowed a hydraulic bender and away we went….




And finally reversed the tube to soften the bend. It might look severe but one the drop ends are added I can always soften the bend some more before the kingpin bosses are welded on.




The next step will be to cut to size for the 36″ track once I have the spindle brackets assembled to ensure everything goes where it should and I have clearance for the steering arms that I will make at a later date.


Update 7

Guess I should have had more patience as just before the first arc was struck a piece of 1″ nominal bore (34mm od) x 36″ long 316 pipe has materialised. Nice bit of karma I say!! I quickly procured 4 x 1″ 90 degree elbows to make the drop part of the axle (dropped axles are so sexy!) and the next step is to get all the parts together to work out what is what to get a 36″ front track.